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Articles on Academic Writing

IELTS essay writing help

Your Short Guide to IELTS Essay Writing: What You Should Do

IELTS abbreviation stands for the exam of English proficiency whose full name is International English Language Testing System. Among other points, the students have to take up IELTS essay writing.

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IELTS essay writing help

Your Short Guide to IELTS Essay Writing: What You Should Do

IELTS abbreviation stands for the exam of English proficiency whose full name is International English Language Testing System. Among other points, the students have to take up IELTS essay writing.

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ICT essay help

How ICT Writing Enhances Presentation Skills

ICT refers to Information and Communication Technology coursework for which students are expected to write several academic assignments including essays. The primary purpose of essay writing these assignments...

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horror movie reviews help

How to Write Great Horror Movie Reviews to Ace Your Arts Course

Do you have a pressing deadline for your arts course? Do you need a review to ace your arts class? You should consider writing Horror Movie Reviews as a means to better your chances at getting that grade that you have always wanted.

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free examples of essays help

The Different Types of Free Examples of Essays at ResearchPaperz

If you want to learn on how you can write the different essays that you may be required of writing when in school. There are different free examples of essays that you can find over the internet and...

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essays for high school students help

Expressing Oneself with Essays for High School Students

Writing essays for high school students is an opportunity to discuss on any topic that one is interested in, besides developing one's communication skills and ability to express one's opinion.

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essay My Dream help

Essay My Dream: Make Your Dream Come True in Your Paper

To write an essay My Dream you naturally need to have a dream and be able to formulate it clearly. It will not do for an essay My Dream to say that you dream of something good happening to you in some years or that you would like to have a good job in future and this is your dream.

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cooking essay help

Our Cooking Essay Makes Your Cooking Pleasant

Cooking Essay can describe cooking and how it affects the tastes and health of individuals. Hence, a cooking essay discusses and analyses the cooking patterns according to the taste and health of the readers.

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English report writing help

English Report Writing: Master the Art of Being Concise

Panic is the last thing to do when you need to get down to English report writing. However scary it may seem for the first time, English report writing is very easy if you observe a set of simple principles. Read on and find out how to make your English report writing enjoyable!

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay help

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay Samples, Types and Criticism

What can be more interesting than writing a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde essay? There are hardly any students who have never heard of the strange story about the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who lived in one person and had absolutely different personalities.

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examples of argumentative essays help

Where to Find Examples of Argumentative Essays for Your Essays

Argumentative Essays are in great demand these days because of the fact that there are so many issues on which the schools expect the students to take sides. Examples of Argumentative Essays include those on topics like Health Care, National Security and Foreign Policy.

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essay writing skills help

Improving Your Essay Writing Skills

If you want to write essays effectively, you should improve your essay writing skills. There are a lot of ways on how you can improve your essay writing skills that would really help write like a pro.

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essay writing process help

How to Master the Essay Writing Process to Ace Your School Courses

Do you have a need to write different essays over the period of several months as part of your course requirements? In case you are a prolific writer of essays, the essay writing process can be made easier by following these simple tips.

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doctoral essays help

How to Meet the Requirements for PhD Programs with Excellent Doctoral Essays

Are you a doctoral student who needs to submit doctoral essays as part of the course requirements for PhD programs? Then, you should be aware of the requirements for these doctoral essays and the necessary conditions that you need to fulfill in order to successfully complete the doctoral program.

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divorce papers help

How Personal Should You Get in Your Divorce Papers?

Divorce paper essays are slowly gaining popularity, just as the rise in rates of divorce in many nations and societies. With the escalation is the occurrence of divorce, divorce papers have become a popular topic for essay writing.

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DDT essay help

Pros and Cons of DDT: Is Your Disinfectant Atmosphere Safe?

DDT Essay is about discussing the advantages and disadvantages of DDT in the modern environmental conditions. As DDT is effective in controlling pests, it is also hazardous to human health, and DDT essay talks about preventive measures that secure health of individuals while controlling mosquitoes.

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Cuban Missile Crisis essay help

Facing a Challenge Writing the Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

The presence of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba raised one of the greatest conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union in October 1962 that is now called Cuban Missile Crisis.

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comparison contrast essay help

Comparison Contrast Essay: Two Ways of Arranging It

In writing a comparison contrast essay, there are things that you need to consider. This is an essay wherein you will be presenting and emphasizing how different and how the same the things are.

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book review questions help

Writing Book Review Questions to Help Your Book Analysis

Writing a review of a book, you are likely to encounter several book review questions, which will determine the way your review was covering the book. We have an assumption that reversing such procedure will likely lead to writing better book reviews and accordingly receiving better grades.

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basic report writing help

A Small but Thorough How-to Guide on Basic Report Writing

Basic Report Writing involves the development of a report in its most basic form. It is essential to note that the subject of consideration in this case is to report on the assigned subject.

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book critique guidelines help

Book Critique Guidelines Are Important for a Book Review

Book Critique guidelines give us insight about how to review a book and criticize its content. However, the criticism depends on the nature of the content of the book and even criticism itself is of two types.

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art therapy essay help

Art Therapy Essays: Remove the Confusion in Writing Them

Writing essays are a fundamental academic exercise for students. This exercise enhances the acquiring of knowledge and the comprehension and analytical skills of students.

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art essay help

Two Most Vital Approaches to Writing an Effective Art Essay

These two approaches are fair and set up a realistic and approachable view to establish your review. The good thing about using these approaches to write an art essay is that they are applicable in writing essays on books, movies, paintings...

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cultural anthropology essay help

Cultural Anthropology Essay: How to Approach the Task

For students of anthropology departments, cultural anthropology essays are no news but a standard academic practice. The specific features of cultural anthropology essays stem from the nature of the subjects they concern.

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5 paragraph essay help

5 Paragraph Essays: The Standard Path to Writing Success

With all the diversity of essay writing types, there is still a standard of essay organization, the so-called 5 paragraph essay. A 5 paragraph essay is considered an ideal and most comfortable form to organize your ideas coherently.

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