American National Insurance Company: Review


American National Insurance Company is a company with a long history of service in the U.S insurance sector. The company was established in 1905 and since then, it has made significant progress in terms of revolutionizing the insurance industry as well as increasing health insurance cover to the people. Members of the this company can access a wide range of services, including life insurance, pension plans, retirement annuities, accident, property, and credit insurance. These services are accessible by both individual and corporate bodies. The analysis of the website shows that while the company utilizes appointed agents, independent marketers, and distribution agents to reach its target market (Morand, 2012).

The company is investing in its IT solutions to avail ETI solutions from Evolutionary Technologies. This new IT platform will enhance data management and reduce costs, while increasing overall productivity. This evaluation aims at examining the effectiveness of ANICO’s website in terms of communicating its information to existing and potential members.


The company website shows that the company is accredited by the American Insurance regulatory body. The company is licensed to operate and conduct insurance business in all states of the U.S. except New York. However, the National Life Insurance Company located in New York, a subsidiary of ANICO is licensed to conduct life insurance business in the New York City.

Patient incentives and provider outreach

The assessment of the company’s website reveals that the company provides various patient incentives to help patients holding policies to enjoy unique services. The company believes in providing its members with unmatched added services that are unpaid. For instance, the American National Insurance Company (ANICO) provides its patients with ambulatory services in case of patient emergencies (American National Insurance Company, 2012). This is to enable members to continue enjoying the service of their properties just like they used to before the occurrence of the loss.

The company is believed to be one of the leading insurance companies that provide customer-centric outreach services to its policy holders. The company has appointed several marketing agencies, independent points of sales (POS’s) that aim at reaching out tom its members.

Two factors that are thought provoking that detail the insurance companies

The company’s long standing as a provider of insurance services dating back in 1905 gives potential users the confidence in subscribing to a company with a rich history of success. Secondly, the company’s huge customer base that makes it to rank among the top ten U.S insurance companies is commendable (American National Insurance Company, 2012).

Commitment to excellence and quality

The Company has come a long way in quantifying their effectiveness and providing quality insurance services to its members. One of the ways through which the company ensures that it remains relevant to its members is through maintaining all its company information relevant to members on its (American National Insurance Company, 2012). For instance, members holding policies or holding shares are able to view and assess the performance of the company in respect of financial progress, and quality of the management (Morand, 2012). The company has ensured maintenance of its annual financial statements to serve as incentives for members and potential members to continue with their membership.

Recommendations for improving the health care insurance company’s website or services and justify your recommendations

Generally, the assessment of the company’s website shows that it is user-friendly with easy-to-access clicks. It is critical for a website to offer the user with easy navigation options. The company should however use key phrases that define their products. Although the company has succeeded in providing members and guests with access to support services, the company should be able to integrate the current customer service with live support chats to provide immediate response or feedbacks to visiting users and existing members.


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