Apple and iPhone: The Marketing Strategy

In the modern world, advanced technologies such as smartphones are increasing, and people’s lives have become easier. Apple is one of the well-known organizations which was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and took a significant part of the market share (Van De Vliert, 2021). One of the famous innovations provided by the company is iPhone, and constant upgrades of the technology allowed Apple to receive increased customer loyalty. The first iPhone has become one of the first smartphones that allowed users to access the Internet, avoiding stationary computers (Fachri and Hartelina, 2021). Apple organizations are trying to follow modern trends and include specific techniques that satisfy users in every new gadget. Moreover, Van de Vliert (2021) stated that the company is one of the most progressing globally and stays a role model for new organizations. Consequently, excellent marketing strategies attracted me to study different successful techniques more deeply.

Apple uses a B2C marketing strategy as the main target audience is people from different social classes. Moreover, the 4 Ps strategy stays one of the major techniques to understand how iPhones and the company, in general, have become successful. iPhones usually cost more than other phones in the market, but this strategy does not cause financial problems for Apple as managers constantly control customers’ ability to pay (Grabara, 2021). The product can be purchased in physical stores and online, making it easier for customers to receive the desired product. Moreover, independent resellers can bring iPhones to distant locations and increase brand awareness. According to Grabara (2021), promotions are taken seriously to attract new customers, and with cooperation with professional advertisers, iPhones have become one of the most powerful gadgets. Consequently, small organizations may secure their success by understanding and applying Apple’s strategies to new products.


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