Etihad Airways’ Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within an organization stands for a business model and a set of policies that integrates social and environmental concerns of the population implemented to establish the company’s accountability. Etihad Airways is one of the largest airline operators of the United Arab Emirates. This essay will explore how Etihad Airways company applied the Corporate Social Responsibility model and define the company’s reason for the implementation.

Being one of the largest airline operators in the country, the company fulfills its social responsibility and addresses the population’s primary concerns. The Etihad Airways company was established in 2003 as a regional carrier and later evolved into a global aviation group with 120 aircraft and five business divisions (Valentine, 2020). Etihad Airways company actively participates in charity initiatives, supports communities all around the world, and makes significant efforts in innovations and sustainability areas.

The company’s social responsibility policy focuses on four major concerns within the framework of one program, called The Change Initiative. The four major concerns include promoting global education, providing housing and accommodations to children worldwide, humanitarian aid for refugees and unprivileged communities, and helping them through education and training (Etihad Aviation Group, n.d.). The company states that one of the primary reasons for the broad specter of its social responsibility strives is its ethical code that supports the integrity and responsibility of the business (Etihad Aviation Group, 2018). Moreover, the company established a supportive working climate for its employees by raising funds for causes close to the hearts of its teams.

Thus, the company actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility and develops initiatives with the goal of addressing the needs of employees, the population, and the global community. The reason for the company’s active participation is sourced from its solid ethics and integrity in business. Etihad Airways equally respects all their employees, customers, stakeholders, and members of the public and strives to improve the well-being of everyone and everywhere.


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