Human Resource Management: HRM Course and Career

I would advise my friend to do whatever it takes to join a human resources management (HRM) course because HRM has a lot to offer as a profession. Moreover, it has diverse opportunities as it is a course of the century. HRM, also called human capital management, involves strategic planning and allocation of a firm’s most valuable resources, which are employees, to ensure maximum productivity. According to this module, HR managers play a vital role in ensuring a harmonious working environment and equipping employees with the skills and resources necessary to make them productive in their areas of specialization (Trost, 2020). Both modern and traditional businesses rely on HR managers to remain competitive in the ever-changing business world. For instance, sourcing and hiring the most qualified employees for specific tasks makes them important actors in the management hierarchy. Therefore, even in this remote working and freelancing era, this profession is strategically placed as an equally vital player in modern business.

I would also advise my friend to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses as the profession requires smart and hardworking individuals. Human resource managers should possess an impeccable mastery of teamwork skills because it involves cooperation with junior employees and seniors to ensure that corporations’ goals are met. Throughout such processes of organizing human resources, the HR manager should have the most relevant leadership, strategizing, and business skills needed to ensure productivity (Trost, 2020). Therefore, an HR manager must ensure that an organization has the best employees and output is of the required standards in order to remain on a competitive edge. Since there are many opportunities out there waiting for HRM professionals, I would advise my friend to enroll in an HRM course.


Trost, A. (2020). Human resources strategies. Springer.

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