Importance of Nursing Informatics

Information plays one of the dominant roles in any sphere of modern man’s life. It is a value that can become an exchange currency or a tool to achieve something. This research paper aims to explore the concept of nursing informatics. Moreover, this article will consider examples of its use in practice to maintain further the opinion about its importance in the field of healthcare and public assistance services.

Hence, first of all, it is necessary to give a definition of what nursing informatics is. This phenomenon consists of particular nursing science that helps medical professionals to process, systematize and analyze incoming information. This aspect is critically important since it is in this profession that information can be of particular importance (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2021). Incorrect diagnosis based on false information can have substantial negative consequences, so it is necessary to study nursing informatics. An example of using nursing information in practice is the rotation of young professionals at work. This is an exciting and challenging phenomenon that allows medical students to visit almost all parts of the hospital and isolate something new for themselves in each (McBride & Tietze, 2018). Moreover, staff rotation can provide improved communication and teamwork. This factor, in turn, will increase the productivity of the company.

Another example of using nursing informatics is its application to determine client outcomes. This indicator will relate specifically to the work of nurses and will increase the level of care provided and reduce the level of complaints about the medical provider. The client outcomes include functional status, self-care, symptom control, patient satisfaction with nursing care. Therefore, in nursing informatics, the main components of this research work are patient outcomes and staff rotation.


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