Leadership Competencies: Organizational Capability

Leadership competencies involve a specific combination of skills, knowledge, and abilities that represent effective organizational leadership. Eduardo should develop leadership competencies such as strategic thinking, change management, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, organizational citizenship behavior, and communication skills (Anderson & Adams, 2019). Eduardo’s case clarifies that he can make informed decisions if he understands the leadership competencies.

The rationale for selecting the factors is based on aspects that are lacking in Eduardo’s leadership style. For instance, a manager can be intelligent, but inclusivity and emotional intelligence are essential for the team’s proper management. Therefore, the selection of the manager’s competencies takes into account the need to lead the organization effectively, lead others, and lead oneself.

Importance of the Competencies

Every leadership competency in a manager is essential in a specific way. Strategic thinking is an essential trait in leadership that helps a manager think, act, and influence others’ actions. Change management trait requires that managers support and guide their team through various changes in the organization. The concept of emotional intelligence would be necessary for improving Eduardo’s leadership. It helps to understand fellow employees’ emotional situations and personal emotions through self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and social skills (Anderson & Adams, 2019). Communication skills should be a vital characteristic of a good leader. Developing practical communication skills will help in providing the ability to influence other members of the team. Inclusive leadership will play a role in the minimization of unproductive conflicts that might arise.

Action Items

Leadership development encompasses areas of strength and potential areas that need improvement. Therefore, weak leadership areas that demand improvement should include action items that outline exact timeframes for task completion and the associated costs. I would recommend Eduardo find a mentor or a senior manager who has been in his position for an extended period and sign up for various training and educational opportunities on leadership. They will play a critical role in developing their leadership skills within the organization, which is key for improved performance.

Importance of the Action Items

Mentors play a significant role in the development of personal leadership. I would advise Eduardo to find a mentor for guidance and get the necessary access to the networking opportunities. The mentor should also be available regularly for meetings that will help in getting honest feedback. A mentor that fails to dwell on the real problem is likely to hinder your development as a leader. Therefore, Eduardo should seek a mentor who will play a significant role in his career development by mentioning the actual problem with his style of leadership and the necessary corrections. Examples of potential mentors include a manager from the previous job, a professor, or any respected figure. Signing up for training will assist in receiving valuable opportunities that nurture leadership skills. Apart from the training, resources such as networking events, books, and leadership retreats will also bolster the required leadership competency (Anderson & Adams, 2019).

Flywheel Effect

The flywheel effect concept indicates various transformations in an organization, such as leadership. The process of leadership development has no specific defined action or miracle. A clear strategy helps to build the required momentum for effective leadership—the flywheel effect. The effective strategy is the push effort needed to achieve the good to great target, as mentioned by Jim Collins. Eduardo will start his leadership development by gaining momentum on various leadership competencies that are key in performance.


Anderson, R. J., & Adams, W. A. (2019). Scaling leadership: Building organizational capability and capacity to create outcomes that matter most. John Wiley & Sons.

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