Managed Care and Contractual Services


Health care is a vital part of human lives that enables them to carry out their daily activities comfortably. There is no alternative to proper health and people must ensure they have access to excellent medical attention at all times. Continuous research enables health care providers to offer quality services. Efforts are underway all over the world to ensure that no lives are lost. There is no doubt that, in the near future, there will be just a few diseases without cure. However, there will be drugs to reduce the devastating effects of such diseases. Nations and non governmental organizations have established various institutions that guarantee people proper health care services. This essay compares the differences between managed care and contractual services in the medical fraternities.

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This essay focuses on two companies that offer managed health care plans to their members. These companies are Amerigroup Corporation and Oxford Health Plans. Amerigroup boasts of providing its services to more than two million residents located in thirteen American States. The focus of this medical insurance provider is on funding and subsidizing state medical programs to ensure the less fortunate access quality medical services. On the other hand, Oxford Health Plans provide medical covers for employees through their employers. The main similarities in what these companies offer include the following; first, they provide subsidized health care programs to their members in order to ensure everyone has access to proper health care services (Smiley 2012). They both serve members through other organs. Oxford Health Plans provide their services to employees through their employers while Amerigroup Corporation provides its services to their members through the state. They both aim to ensure that every one has access to proper health care services regardless of the high costs of inflation. The main difference between these two companies includes the following. Amerigroup Corporation is closer to the state and thus provides its services like an aids organization. It aims at promoting the value of human life through offering quality subsidized services to their clients. They offer ready, cheap and quality services to their members in order to fight common epidemics and disease outbreaks. Their services are offered through state organs like the military aid officers who respond to emergencies (Abbey 2009).

They do not discriminate against members of the society while offering their services. The services offered by Amerigroup Corporation are not in a contract basis but rather in a program aimed at managing health care services. On the other hand, Oxford Health Plans offer medical insurance covers to their members whenever they need medical attention. These services are offered through their employers who subscribe to their services. This insurance company offers its services on a contract basis, and thus employers have to sign contracts with them. This is one of the major ways through these two companies differ. Amerigroup Corporation does not address individual concerns but instead provide managed subsidized services through state organs. On the other hand, Oxford Health Plans provides individual contracts to employers wishing to provide medical services to their employees. Members of these medical insurance service providers stand high chances of getting subsidized medical services (Rowell 2010). They are usually exempted from paying the entire required amount as their companies cover their bills through their insurance schemes.

They have access to timely medical attention regardless of theory financial positions. In addition, they are guaranteed quality health care services since the insurance companies enroll them in health institutions that offer reputable services. Members and their families also enjoy the health care services provided by these companies. A scheme that is financed by the community rather than individuals is one of the recent innovations to encourage people to participate in the provision of health care services. This reduces the burden of providing expensive medical care plans to members. In addition, some companies have established mobile phone notifications on plans available for members. The use of technology to reach members is a significant step to cutting down travelling costs, and at the same time creating awareness to the public regarding services offered by these companies. These healthcare insurance providers ensure their members have access to quality medical services from qualified doctors (Fuchs 2008). The representatives of these firms also monitor how their members respond to the services provided by medical staff. In addition, some of them do not have restrictions regarding which hospital a member should visit. The best insurance company in this case is the one that offers managed healthcare services. This ensures members have access to quality services without delays. Sometimes contractual insurance schemes fail to honor their bargains depending on the information obtained from employers. Most of their decisions are regulated by employers since they are the ones who pay premiums for employees.


Insurance health care providers play a vital role in ensuring people has access to quality health services. They bridge the gap between quality services and expenses incurred by their members. It is necessary for people to subscribe to these companies to ensure their health is secured.


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