Management of Changes in Modern Companies

Modern companies and organizations are increasingly implementing various changes in their activities to adapt to internal and external circumstances. This may include both the introduction of a new strategy and the implementation of work to improve the work of personnel or operational processes. Regardless of what innovations are introduced into the business, managers should be able to support these changes and ensure their smooth flow. To do this, they must have specific skills that will help them lead organizational transformations and personal ones. This scientific paper is a self-reflection on operational ability and personal ability to lead and adapt to changes.

The first aspect that I would like to touch upon is the management of personal changes. I believe that this aspect is of critical importance, as it becomes the basis of how managers cope with transformations and innovations within the company. Furthermore, I believe that although this area may undergo some improvements, it is generally pretty good. I have learned to respond adequately and carefully to changes in my life, whether unexpected or planned.

Moreover, it is difficult to achieve success without the ability to personally manage problems since organizational transformations are strongly related to the human component (Burke, 2017). That is why I consider it essential to develop a general work strategy when introducing new aspects to the company’s work, which will help facilitate the process. Hence, self-reflection and self-study are also valuable, which will help to improve existing change management skills.

Further, organizational change management also seems to be a unique feature that people should develop in themselves. This is also due to the constant emergence of new tools and resources to deal with change. I believe that my organizational change management skills require some improvements. This is since managing personal and collective innovations has different levels of complexity. Therefore, the importance of constant study and application of new information for the development of the most effective and efficient strategies for dealing with changes is once again emphasized. In addition, an organizational change manager’s work helped me cultivate the ability to work in a team.


Burke, W. W. (2017). Organization change: Theory and practice. Sage publications.

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