People Have Become Overly Dependent on Technology

The topic revolves around the rate at which people are depending on technology. There are two main inclinations as far as the exploration of the topic in question is concerned. The first inclination of the argument is that technology has become a necessary condition since it is the main aiding factor in propelling different activities within the realms of human life. The second inclination to the topic is that there is too much reliance on technology to an extent that it impacts negatively on the lives of people.

This is a critical topic in the modern era where there is too much emphasis on the use of technology in different realms of life. It is, therefore, important to understand the level at which technology should be embraced. I have supported the first claim by expounding on the benefits of technology in contemporary society. Different technological advancements like information and communication technology and the development of different machines help to make life easier. The second dimension of the argument has been supported by the proposition that there is too much emphasis on technology to an extent that the natural attributes of social, cultural, and economic activities are killed.

Overreliance on technology impacts negatively on the natural attributes of organizations in society. This theory has been derived out of the evaluation of the rate of technology deployment in different spheres of life, and the rate at which natural antecedents of human functioning are eliminated. The evidence provided in the paper has considerable weight to back the theory since it depicts a widening gap between traditional norms in human activities and contemporary ways of human functioning due to technology.

This paper is intended for the institutions in society that embrace the continued use of technology, devoid of drawing the critical lines about technology adoption. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to try and draw the lines between the call for technology adoption and use in society and the negative indicators of too much reliance on technology. While technology is an important issue, research denotes that there is an overwhelming emphasis on technology leading to ignorance of the negative attributes of the technology.

A number of emphatic cues have been included in the argument in order to capture the attention of the audience. They include intense pressure that is used to denote the urge to deploy technology in different realms of life. The term dependency is also emphasized in the paper. It is used to differentiate between the actual need for technology and the excessive reliance on technology. There is also efficiency, which is the denominator on which the importance of technology is based.

The position in this paper is that as far technology improves life, too much reliance on technology is also harmful. My position is supported by analytical evidence that comes out of the evaluation of the relevance of technology and the negative aspects of relying on technology. The audience needs to draw a clear line between the need to embrace technology and the extremes that emanate from too much deployment of technology in different societal functions.

There is an argument that technology is the main factor that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in the discharge of functions in different setups in society. While most people align with this argument, they seem to ignore how technology corrupts the natural factors of functioning. This has to be understood by the audience. The audience needs to be objective when exploring the impacts of technology in society.

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