Starbucks Strategic Management: The Vision and the Mission of the Company


Starbucks was established in 1971 in Seattle and its journey is still on as a proud lead marketer in the field of retailing coffee. At present, the company has retail outlets in “36 countries outside the US and in all the 50 states of US” (Malhotra, 2009). Apart from 30 blends of coffee made from the finest quality coffee beans the company markets fresh foods, hand crafted beverages, merchandise and rechargeable Starbucks gift cards (Malhotra, 2009).

The company was chosen for this study because of the extraordinary quality it has shown in business and the exemplary success it has achieved. The study was taken to see whether there are any scopes for the company to further expand the business. The study was also intended in finding out the possibilities of threat, if any, after so many years of staying unchallenged and successful in their position. To accumulate data various websites that provide valuable information about the company were explored. This section of the study throws light on the vision and the mission of the company (Malhotra, 2009).

Vision of Starbucks

The vision of the Starbucks Company is to “Establish Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand in the world” (Enz 2009).

This vision gives a clear picture of the future goals of the company. If analyzed critically the following components come in front.

  1. The desire of the company to be the most recognized brand is definitely justified. The company makes its blends from the best quality coffee beans and hence deserves recognition for its high quality.
  2. Being the most recognized and respected brand denotes the top position among the various companies worldwide. The words respect and recognition have used in a broader sense.
  3. The only thing not specified in the vision of Starbucks is the work they do. The company believes in the theory that till they are maintaining the best quality they do not need to specify their products in the vision statement (Malhotra, 2009).

The vision statement is appropriate for the company. The company has established and is still establishing new retail outlets all over the world. The coffee and coffee-related products, pastries and confectioneries, the specialties in sales, and the direct response business all are parts of the vision that project the goal of the company.

The mission of the Company

The mission statement of the company is to “establish Starbucks as the premium purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow” (Conklin, 2006).

The mission statement is clearer than the vision statement as it defines the business of the company too, that is it makes a mention of the supply of the finest quality of coffee. It has been clearly stated too that the company will never compromise with the quality for which it is famous for the growth they are aiming at.

Aims and objectives

For achieving the mission the company follows a set of aims and objectives. These are:

  1. A respectful work environment for the employees where all get equal treatment.
  2. Maintaining highest standard in choosing and roasting of coffee beans and delivery of coffee.
  3. Viewing diversification as an essential element of business.
  4. Catering to the needs of community and environment.
  5. Creating a satisfying customer base.
  6. Recognizing the importance of profitability (Malhotra, 2009).


The aims, objectives, vision and mission of the company all are just befitting to the company’s name and to its major stakeholders. The customers are valued by the company and are served with compassion. The employees get an environment where they can work with whole heart. The company has definitely done justice to itself.


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